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  • C4 (229 x 324mm) Envelopes

    229x324mm C4 Black Wallet Peel & Seal 120gsm Envelopes
    £0.39excl. VAT£0.47 incl. VAT
    Product CodeAN37C4PS
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    Stock Level0
    324x229 Black All Board Peel & Seal Envelopes
    £1.08excl. VAT£1.30 incl. VAT
    Product CodeBE324B
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    Stock Level764
    324x229 +50 Black Pillow Box Peel & Seal
    £1.41excl. VAT£1.69 incl. VAT
    Product CodePB229B
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    Stock Level519
    324x229mm Black Post Marque Lightweight 180gm Peel & Seal Envelopes
    £0.58excl. VAT£0.70 incl. VAT
    Product CodePLP324229B
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    Stock Level21428
    324x229mm C4 Black Board Back Peel & Seal 120gsm Paper / 600gsm Grey Board Envelopes
    £0.49excl. VAT£0.59 incl. VAT
    Product CodeHB324B
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    Stock Level1907
    324x229mm Black Post Marque Window Lightweight 180gsm Peel & Seal Envelopes
    £0.57excl. VAT£0.68 incl. VAT
    Product CodePLP324229B-W
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    Stock Level5218
    324x229mm C4 Black Board Back Peel & Seal 120gsm Paper / 600gsm Black Board Envelopes
    £0.54excl. VAT£0.65 incl. VAT
    Product CodeHB324B-B
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    Stock Level23499
    324x229x25 Black Post Marque Lightweight Gusset 180gsm Peel & Seal Envelopes
    £0.74excl. VAT£0.89 incl. VAT
    Product CodePLP32422925B
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    Stock Level29089
    String & Washer 324x229 Black Envelopes 180gsm
    £0.93excl. VAT£1.12 incl. VAT
    Product CodeSW324B
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    Stock Level13489
    String & Washer 324x229x25 Gusset Black Envelopes 180gsm
    £1.27excl. VAT£1.52 incl. VAT
    Product CodeSW324B-G
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    Stock Level19242
    229x324mm C4 Clariana Black Wallet Gummed Diamond Flap 120gsm Envelopes
    £0.56excl. VAT£0.67 incl. VAT
    Product CodeGCC4BL
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    Stock Level4220

    C4 envelopes are a perfect fit for A4 sized documents or inserts and are made from sustainable sources. Available in a range of colours to suit every occasion, C4 envelopes are a common style of envelope found at home or in an office. They are characterised by their rectangular shape and classed as a large envelope.