Going Green

We are going green - come with us! 

Companies are increasingly coming under scrutiny with regards to packaging. Environmental awareness and the ‘Blue Planet’ effect has led to a shift away from plastic and a move towards sustainable and recycled products. As individuals and as businesses, we all need to look to our working environments and the products we offer to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint.

At a company level, we should all be looking to offer more sustainable packaging. The upside is, that being eco-friendly is not only ethical, but also makes economic sense. Customers increasingly favour companies who either have green credentials and / or use environmentally friendly packaging.

Flutelopes in the bushes

We have all ordered products only to be dismayed when it arrives at the excess of packaging and lack of clarity regarding what can be recycled. It is no surprise therefore that research has shown that customers are often prepared to pay a premium to buy ‘green’ and reduce waste.

In our industry we need to take this on board and lead by example, taking steps to ensure that the packaging we use, and offer is sustainable and recyclable. We have already seen a huge rise in demand for plastic free products and the message that is being sent from customers is clear.

At Envelopes Ltd we are committed to reduce our impact on the planet, both with our product offering and our internal practices. Rest assured that as an FSC certified company already, we are constantly striving to improve our environmental credentials by recycling and innovating.

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Sustainability and environmental impact will be at the forefront of the design and sourcing of future packaging products. Our new ‘Flutelopes’ ‘Boardlopes’ and ‘Combelopes’ will be the first of many products which replace traditional plastic content products with recyclable plastic-free alternatives.

Our bamboo and eucalyptus content envelopes are also striking a positive chord with customers.

Envelopes Ltd is moving in a greener direction, to help grow our business and make the planet a better place for all of us – come with us on the journey!

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