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How to get your mail noticed

In this digital age of information, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from every direction and it's becoming increasingly difficult to compete. Direct mail can be an effective way of gaining visibility if done right, so let's look at how to get YOUR mail noticed!

Pillow Boxes: ways to use them!

Whether you have used pillow boxes before or if they are a product you’re looking to explore, this short blog will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of introducing pillow boxes to your packaging supplies.

The Problem With Plastic

How UK consumers are trying to cut down on plastic usage - we have collated data on how different people are implementing changes.

Going Green

We are going green - come with us!

A guide to Litho vs Digital Print

We thought we’d answer one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to your marketing material. What is the difference between litho and digital printing?

Valentine's Day Cards

Find out a bit more about Valentine's Day Cards with our infographic!

Imagination, Creativity, Innovation

Imagination, Creativity, Innovation

Imagination, creativity and inovation. 3 things that will help us create more eco-friendly and sustainable products.

10 reasons why you should buy from World of Envelopes

10 reasons why you should buy from World of Envelopes

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should buy from us.

Come and check it out!

Post Across The World

Take a look at our infographic depicting where the world of post all began...

20 tips to get your mail opened!

The outside of your envelope is the first thing your recipients see, and you only have 3-5 seconds to convince them to open it. Here are some tried and tested techniques to improve mail open rate.