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Square Envelope Sizes UK – How Exactly To Work Out What Type May Be The Right One for You

Square envelope sizes UK can differ, greatly, and there is always a variety of different envelope sizes that are made to be suited to various needs as well as for unique paper sizes. As an example, C4 sizes are made to match A4 paper sizes, whilst DL envelopes are designed to hold a 3-way folded A4 letter for more corporate messages and also to easily display names and addresses. This short article will take a look at the different sizes of envelope which are for sale in order to help you pick the best items for your requirements. Once you’ve read all of the information, you'll have the capacity to take your pick of products from our World of Envelopes online catalogue. We've plenty of premium quality envelopes in all sizes and in different types that will help you find what you’re searching for. Watch out for special offers and reductions too throughout the year.

As a way to work out which envelope sizes UK are appropriate for you, you must consider qualities such as:

- The nature of your mailing – corporate, personal, relaxed?

- The weight of the correspondence you’re mailing – small, big?

- The fragility of the items you’re posting – does it require padding or a hard-back?

- Will it need to include colouring or even a decorative style?

- Will your envelope need windows?

- Must your envelope be easy to close?

Working out why and how you’re going to ship your mail is essential so that you can make the right choices for your envelope. Some recommended sizes for various purposes include:

A4/C4 for sending A4 items

A5/C5 for mailing A5 items

A6/C6 for sending A6 letters

DL for 3-Fold A4 letters

All of which are available in different styles and sizes from World of Envelopes.

Envelope Sizes – Tips for Businesses and Personal Use

There are certainly a number of things you are able to do with different envelope sizes UK, for both business and private use. Envelopes aren’t merely a means of transporting diverse files and items, they can also make a statement and be a feature within their own right.


Businesses planning to impress clients, make an impact with direct-marketing and sometimes even find fresh approaches to speak with clients could benefit from applying coloured envelopes, printed envelopes and others in numerous sizes as a way to make an impression.


Private mailing can take advantage of ideas such as using unique coloured envelopes to post out cards or announcements and also other communication, as well as using printed cards to keep in with specific themes or to flaunt your personality. What better method to put a smile on someone’s face than with an invitation which demonstrates that it’s from you? World of Envelopes have the products to help you make it reality.

When selecting your square envelope sizes UK, you’ll often be able to seize a great deal from World of Envelopes. We've special deals throughout the year and outstanding value deals on buying bigger quantities of envelopes, ensuring you'll be able to cut costs whilst still enjoying the high quality products and services which are offered to our clients. There are also some versatile shipping choices which can enable you to save money as well as select a delivery date which suits you. If you want to order overnight shipping, you can get it simply by placing an order before 2pm. There are also First Class and same day delivery services (in London) together with Saturday delivery options. Ensuring our customers can get the most effective value possible online is one of our most significant considerations and we always enjoy feedback from our buyers on how we could make things better.

If you’re a business searching for appropriate solutions and envelope sizes for your needs, or possibly an individual client looking to add a special touch to your mailing, our Sales Support team will be more than happy to offer you assistance and service as a way to help you to make the best decision for your needs. Our items are manufactured utilising the highest quality materials in order to offer you affordability and make sure that we remain your selected choice of envelope supplier. To get in touch with our team, call 01628 810000. Our phone lines are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm as a way to offer you assistance when you need it most. Take a peek at our total product variety and collection of square envelope sizes UK. You can even buy goods including labels, containers and much more to help with all of your presentation requirements.

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