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Packaging Boxes Wholesale - Is It Wise To Buy In Bulk

Packaging boxes wholesale make a very long and demanding journey before they reach their final destination, so they must be made from sturdy materials to transport things safely and securely to the intended recipient. Depending on its anticipated route, your box may travel by air, van, train or ship, and subsequently it is likely to be handled by many different individuals and go through various systems. This journey can have a significant impact on the wear and tear of your packaging materials, so you need to select a sturdy option which is fit for purpose. It's also vital that you choose something that is appropriate for the products that you will be sending, as heavy or bulky items will need stronger packaging to ensure they don't break through the cardboard. There is nothing worse as a company owner than having an upset customer phone to say they've received a damaged product due to insufficient packing.

Packaging heavy items does take a bit more thought, but it is possible if you choose the right materials. Using postal packaging supplied by us here at World of Envelopes, you can be confident that your products reach your customers in perfect condition. By following these top tips we can make sure that your products are packaged securely and don't cost you a fortune to post. When packing heavy things it is suggested that you keep the boxes as compact as possible. This is mainly because carrying a large, heavy item is awkward and it increases the chance of the box being dropped or falling from a storage compartment. As the things inside may be fragile, this makes them more prone to breakages, which means dissatisfied customers and additional costs to your own company for replacements. So, when sending heavy items like ceramics, books or tools, make an effort to keep the packaging boxes as small as possible.

Pillow Boxes And Postal Packaging

It can be tempting to send two differently sized things in the same box to save on postage costs, but even if packaged with bubble wrap they can still move around during transit and become damaged. It's much better to send two small cardboard boxes with the products packed neatly into the packaging, than one large box with two things which are free to move around. Certainly one of the very best ways to keep your products secure and avoid them being damaged en route to the customer is to pack the boxes as tightly as possible. It's possible for you to achieve this by using paper, tissue paper, cardboard, bubble wrap or plastic air pockets. It can also help use a robust quality cardboard. When it comes to sending your items to customers there are two principal kinds of cardboard boxes to choose from. These are single wall and double wall.

The single wall packaging boxes wholesale are the cheapest material but not as strong, so they are perfect for sending light things such as jewellery, textiles or light make-up. If you are sending books or heavier items you will have to go for the double wall box, which uses two sheets of cardboard for each side, reinforcing all sides to shield heavy merchandise. It's still important however to carefully package sharp items, as these can still pierce the outer walls of a double wall box. If you are unsure about purchasing your packaging materials from us, then why not take advantage of our swatch service? For a small fee, all you must do is choose the product and let us know - either through the site or over the phone - which swatch you would like, and we'll deliver it to your house or company by first class Royal Mail.

Here at World of Envelopes we take great pride in supplying the highest standards of customer service, and offering top quality products for your own residence or business. We have taken a substantial period of time to select the products for our website, as we know how important it truly is to supply our customers with quality packaging which will enable them to send products to their customers safely and securely. As we have explored in this guide, it is vital to select your packaging according to the merchandise which you sell, and decide on the correct size. If you sell lots of different products, choose the most suitable boxes, tubes, bags or envelopes that will be the most effective for your company, while also taking into account the cost of postage. Why not phone our sales team now to discuss your packaging boxes wholesale needs, or see our website? We guarantee you will find something appropriate to your home or business postage requirements.

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