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Large Cellophane Bags - From jewellery, to confection, to toys; showcase your products perfectly with our high quality cellophane bags

The way you display your products can have a huge impact on whether people notice them or not, let alone purchase them! It is all about getting the balance right. You need the products to be packaged so that they are protected and not compromised whilst on display in store. However, you also need them to be 100 per cent visible so that people can see what they are buying. Our large cellophane bags hit this balance perfectly. Offering high quality, low prices, complete visibility and lots of choice; whatís not to love? When you need Cello Bags and Postal Boxes or the best Envelopes we can help.

We wonít try and sell you poor quality bags that are going to easily rip and tear. Instead we offer unrivalled levels of quality. This is why we use 30 microns thick OPP (oriented polypropylene). This ensures that your products stay protected and you do not needlessly lose out on any profit. However, the clear quality of these bags ensures that the customers get to see exactly what they are buying. It is a win-win situation. You also have the option to choose between non-header cellophane bags and those with a header. If you go for the latter option then you will have more display possibilities. We can also custom print your header to match in with your brand or the product you are selling if you purchase a large quantity.

This is not the only benefit you will reap from ordering your large cellophane bags in bulk. You will also gain from decreased prices. Thatís right; the more you buy the lower the cost per unit will become. For instance, if you purchase a 335 mm x 240 mm Clear Cello Bag with Header and Euroslot it will cost you 14p for one. Nonetheless, if you buy over 5,000 then this will decrease by 50 per cent to a mere 7p. This allows you to make some massive savings in the grand scheme of things. Thus you can keep your business costs to a minimum.

In addition to this, another reason why World of Envelopes is the number one solution for large cellophane bags is because of the diversity we have available. As mentioned earlier you can choose between a header or non-header bag. Yet this is not the only choice you have. In terms of closure you can pick between gum and peel and seal. With regards to size we have various different options as well, such as; 520 mm x 420 mm, 380 mm x 250 mm, 335 mm x 240 mm, 450 mm x 320 mm, 310 mm x 220 mm, 300 mm x 152 mm, 630 mm x 500 mm, 570 mm x 520 mm, 380 mm x 295 mm, and much, much more. From confection, to stationary, to jewellery; there is no way you wonít be able to find the perfect cellophane bag for you! Please note; we also sell small cellophane bags as well.

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