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If you search for gusset envelopes online then you will see that there are quite a few companies selling this product. However, you will also notice that they do not offer much in the form of diversity. Most businesses only stock one or two versions of this type of envelope. This can be rather frustrating, especially for those who utilise gusset envelopes on a frequent basis and have varying sized things to post. This is why we have strived to be different at World of Envelopes. We have a selection of gusset envelopes available which should ensure that all of your needs are catered to. When you need the best Envelopes we can help.

Our range of tear resistant gusset envelopes are extremely popular because they offer the highest level of quality. In addition to this you can also choose between manila and white envelopes. Colour is not the only diversification we have on offer. We stock an array of different sizes, this encompasses; 229 mm x 162 mm x 25 mm (C5), 254 mm x 178 mm x 25 mm, 305 mm x 254 mm x 25 mm, 324 mm x 229 mm x 25 mm (C4), 324 mm x 229 mm x 40 mm (C4), 381 mm x 254 mm x 25 mm, and much more. You can also choose between various closure options as well, including peel and seal as well as string and washer. With such choice available we are certain you will be able to find the perfect gusset envelope for your needs specifically.

One of the reasons why our range of gusset envelopes is better than others online is because of the great value we provide. You can purchase a gusset envelope for as little as 25p! This is down to the fact that we offer phenomenal bulk discounts. Letís take the 229 mm x 162 mm x 25 mm (C5) Manila String and Washer Gusset Envelope as an example. Purchase one of these and you will pay 54p. Purchase over 10,000 and this drops to 25p per unit. Thatís right; you reap the rewards of a discount which equates to more than 50 per cent off. Now, a saving of 29p may not seem significant to you, but letís put this into perspective. If you were to buy 10,000 of these envelopes at the original price you would pay L5,400. With our discount you are going to pay L2,500. That is a saving of L2,900. Massive, right?

With extensive choice and huge discounts, where can you possible go wrong? World of Envelopes is your number one destination when it comes to buying the best gusset envelopes!

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