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Envelope options are something that most of us would confess to not being very familiar with. If you have worked in an office you will be familiar with A4 envelopes and A5 envelopes, and you will know that sometimes envelopes have clear windows, but that is likely to be the extent of your knowledge. However, when you find yourself exposed to the wider world of envelopes you may be surprised at how much there is available. This may seem like something that will never happen to you, but it is surprising how many occasions still call for a bulk purchase of envelopes, even in this digital age. You might be hosting a large celebration, for example a wedding or an anniversary, and suddenly realise that there is a lot more to be taken into account than you originally thought. When you need the best Envelopes we can help.

When you are looking at envelopes for a special occasion you will quickly realise how many options there are. Gone are the days of white envelopes in various sizes. In fact, envelopes are an industry of great design and creativity. It is so much more than selecting your colour. Perhaps you are planning a golden wedding anniversary and decide you want the invitations to go out in golden envelopes. That decision is only the start. Do you want metallic or pearlescent envelopes? Do you want textured or smooth, and if you want textured, rose or brocade? Do you want regular diamond sealing or the eminently fancy pouchettes? Of course, if the invitation is at all delicate, you may want to think about protection. It can appear confusing and difficult to choose between the options available. Fortunately, World of Envelopes are here to help. When you need the best we can help.

A Wide Selection Of Quality Envelope Sizes

The first thing that we would recommend you do when you are considering envelopes for a specific purpose is to browse our website. We have a wide array of options that is guaranteed to include what you are looking for. We explain envelope sizes, display all the colours available and we have a number of delivery options, ranging from Royal Mail 1st class to same day courier delivery. We do not restrict ourselves to UK customers, and in order to assist our international clients, we employ multi-lingual operatives and have competitive international delivery options. Our website is easy to navigate, with all the categories listed down the side and options across the top. In addition, we do not only deal in envelopes. We also equip you to send parcels. Whether you require a cardboard carton, a rigid mailer or simply a padded bag, we are certain we will have what you need.

World of Envelopes are proud to be one of the top distributors around. We are fast, efficient and specialise in all manner of envelopes. We consider customer service to be the cornerstone of what we do and we understand that all our clients have different requirements. Even if you just need envelopes for day to day business, we know that you will have different specific needs to our other clients that require envelopes for the same purpose and we will ensure that we consider your needs on this individual basis. In addition to the envelopes we have available, it is also possible to have envelopes printed just for you and your business, and we aren’t just talking regular envelopes. It includes coloured envelopes, jiffy bags and many more products. If this is of interest to you, why not contact us today to discuss your needs?

If you are considering purchasing envelopes in bulk, you will be very interested to hear about the bulk discounts we have available. If you require more than 50 envelopes you will be entitled to a discount of 10% in most cases, but if you need over 5,000 envelopes you should be able to take advantage of our amazing 50% discount. If you are a new business planning your budget this should make a major impact on your outgoings. Similarly, even if you only require 50+ envelopes for an anniversary celebration this is still a cost-saving that cannot be ignored. It is also possible to track your delivery online so you can follow your envelopes and be confident you know where they are at any time. If you are at all unsure about your options, you can purchase a single envelope to inspect or request a free colour swatch. Why not have  a look at everything we have on offer today?

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