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DL envelopes – Unbelievable discounts at World of Envelopes! Savings of 50 per cent and more!

Think about all the DL envelopes that are posted through your door on a daily basis. What do they look like? Plain white envelopes? Boring brown paper? Dull and uninspiring comes to mind! But, when you consider the fact that picking up your mail is usually one of the first things that you do in the morning, it’s a great shame isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to see a sparkly silver envelope on the floor? Or what about a funky leaf patterned envelope? Very few people consider the possibility of this. However, if you send your business envelopes in style then you really can make your mail stand out from the crowd. From promotional letters, to important notices, to monthly newsletters; if you send your business mail in one of our stunning DL envelopes then you are going to enhance the effect of the document inside. There will be a much greater chance that the person receiving the letter will pay attention to the mail you have sent rather than toss it to the side with everything else. When you need DL Envelope and Envelope or the best Envelopes we can help.

At World of Envelopes we have a fantastic selection of fun and luxurious DL envelopes for you to choose between. With over 300 DL envelopes on our website you certainly aren’t lacking in choice. In order to give you a greater idea regarding the diversity of stylish designs available here are a few examples taken from the selection we have available…

  • Lilac Lustre Envelope – A stunning lilac envelope with a luxurious shiny finish.
  • Gold Blue Leaf Mirror Finish Envelope – A gold envelope with a bold and eye-catching dark blue leaf patterned printed all over.
  • Royal Blue Textured Envelope – A rich royal blue finished with a gorgeous shine.
  • Bright Yellow Coloured Envelope – Bring some cheer into someone’s day with this bright yellow cheery envelope.
  • Black + Silver Foil Lined Envelope – This black envelope stands out from the crowd but the wow factor begins once the envelope is opened. The stunning silver foil inside looks beautiful.
  • Ivory Woven Envelope with Gold Hearts – Spread the love with this romantic envelope.

Nonetheless, we don’t only offer innovative designs, our DL envelopes are of the highest quality as well. They are all made from the best materials. We want your mail to arrive to its destination the same way it left your business premises. No matter rain or shine, our envelopes are built to withstand it all. You will fail to find better quality anywhere else on the internet today.

We know what you are thinking: “This all sounds great, but we are trying to run a business here, we can’t afford added expenses on DL envelopes.” And we agree with you! That is why you won’t be experiencing any added expenses at all. All of our DL envelopes are offered at cheap rates. You will pay the same amount for a stylish envelope here as you would for a plain white envelope elsewhere. If that wasn’t enough, we also offer discounts to those who buy in bulk. You can save up to 60 per cent on the unit price if you opt to buy in a large quantity.

Don’t worry; we don’t expect you to dive straight in and order thousands of DL envelopes in one go. You can order a free swatch first in order to be 100 per cent certain that you are happy with the design you have in mind. This is especially recommended if you are going for one of our textured envelopes.

A diverse selection of stylish DL envelopes constructed with quality and priced at low rates; where can you possibly go wrong?

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