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Coloured Envelopes – From gold and green, to pink and purple; a colour for all!

Coloured envelopes present a vast array of opportunities. From gold to green, you can select a colour that matches in with the item you are sending. No matter whether it is an event invitation, a company gift, a promotion code, an important letter, a greeting card, or anything else! Sending a Christmas card? Great, why not opt for red, green or gold? Sending something to do with your company? Well, you can use branding to full effect by selecting colours that match in with your business’s logo. Sending an event invitation? Opt for a colour with a lavish edge, such as silver. The options are well and truly endless. The only trouble comes when trying to find a company that accommodates these options. Once you begin to look online you will see that most envelope suppliers only have a small selection of coloured envelopes UK available. So, what’s the solution?

World of Envelopes: Black envelopes, gold envelopes and more!

World of Envelopes has the solution you have been looking for. We have thousands of envelopes available on our website and thus we are confident we have the envelope you require. Once you begin looking through our range of large and small coloured envelopes you will see that we have every possibility covered. From yellow coloured bubble envelopes to green DL coloured envelopes to pink coloured A4 envelopes, there is nothing we don’t sell! You don’t only have the option to choose between different colours, but you can select from a whole host of sizes, materials, weights, closures, designs, and more! If it is to do with postal and packaging products, you can be sure that we sell it. What’s more, we are happy to cater to any unique requirements as best as we can. All you need to do is get in touch!

Not only do we have an incredible variety of coloured envelopes available, but we also offer a great free swatch service. With so many options at your disposal, we appreciate that it can often be difficult to know what to purchase. This is especially the case when you need to make a big order. A lot of people would rather see the product up front before committing to such a large purchase, and we give you the chance to do so. In fact, that is not where the benefits end for those who wish to buy coloured envelopes in bulk amounts. We have an incredible discount available on virtually all envelopes. This discount is simple – the more you purchase the cheaper the envelope becomes. You actually only need to buy 50 envelopes in order to start reaping the rewards of this exceptional discount.

Aside from providing cheap coloured envelopes, our shipping options are favourable too. If you head to the ‘delivery’ section of our website you will note that we have a whole host of options for you to choose from. This contains everything from same day delivery, to next day delivery, to international delivery. All our rates are competitive as well. We are not like other companies – we don’t lumber on extortionate amounts once you get to the checkout! If you are still unsure about our service, please head to the customer testimonial section on our website. You will see that we have a five star rating and this is based on a significant number of reviews. Moreover, we use an independent review platform to ensure you that all comments left are one hundred per cent genuine. There truly is nowhere better to purchase a coloured envelope from!

Start searching through our exceptional range of coloured envelopes today! There is an envelope for all purposes, all occasions and all personalities. Brand your business, give your wedding invites a lavish edge, send Christmas cards with a festive feel… the choice is yours! Nevertheless, if you cannot find the envelope you are looking for or would like to order a free swatch, simply get in touch. You can call our sales support line on the following number, 01628 810 000. Please note that this line is available from Monday until Friday between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.30 pm. Alternatively, you can send an email to World of Envelopes. The address required is We will respond to all enquires as promptly as we can. Our range of coloured envelopes caters to all consumers’ requirements, no matter how unique. From blue foil envelopes to gold textured envelopes – we sell them all!

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