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Cellophane Gify Bags - Protecting and showcasing beautiful products

Hi there, I am a cellophane bag. To make life easier you can call me C! I am here to provide businesses and individuals with protection and ultimate transparency. I and my friends at World of Envelopes do a great job of this. We have seen many upset people in our time. Those who made a stunning handcrafted gift card or piece of jewellery and displayed it without protectionÖ only for someone to come along and destroy it. This made me sad. But I and the other cellophane gift bags are here to ensure this never happens again. When you need Cello Bags and Postal Boxes or the best Envelopes we can help.

We donít rip or tear. We are made of strong stuff. In fact, I was produced from 30 microns thick OPP material. This means that I have better genes than cellophane gift bags being sold at other stores. This is because World of Envelopes took the time and effort to ensure that I and my buddies were manufactured with care. I am a cello bag with a header. This means that you can display me easily in your store via hanging me up. However, some of my friends donít have a header. You may prefer to use them instead. We all come in different sizes too. I am the smallest of the bunch; 30 mm tall and 15 mm wide. One of my friends is a massive 630 mm long and 500 mm wide. Heís huge!

World of Envelopes are always happy to make more of us. The other day a customer wanted cellophane gift bags but didnít want me or my buddies, so World of Envelopes had some made especially for them. They are good like that; they always strive to make people happy. If you want to have a bag especially made then call them on +44 (0) 1628 810 000. You can say C gave you their number ;-)

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