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Calling all stores selling gift cards, Simple Envelopes is your number one stop for high quality cello bags! Keep your cards protected to guarantee maximum profit!

If you are in the business of selling cards then you will require cello bags to keep them protected. This may seem like an added expense, but just think of how much money you will waste when your cards get damaged because they are not protected by a covering. Our high quality cello bags ensures this does not happen and thus allows you to reap maximum profit on all the cards which come into your hands. When you need Postal Boxes or the best Envelopes we can help.

What sets us apart from other online retailers selling cello bags? The answer to this is actually quite simple; our diverse selection. We accommodate all situations. No matter how big your card or envelope is we have it covered. We stock practically all cello bag sizes. To illustrate how diverse our selection is, or smallest cello bag is as follows; 30 mm long x 15 mm wide. On the other side of the spectrum our largest cello bag boasts dimensions of 630 mm long x 500 mm wide. In fact, if you are unable to find the right size for you, then give us a call and we can produce cello bags in the size you require. All you have to do is utilise our online contact form to get in touch. Alternatively, you can give us a call on the following number; +44 (0) 1628 810 000. Make sure you ring on a weekday in between office hours (8.00 am until 5.30 pm).

The diversity we provide is not only in relation to the different sizes we have available. We also stock a selection of cello bags with a header and a selection without. The good thing about the header option is the fact that it comes with a Euroslot; this allows you to easily display the cards in store. You can also choose between two different seal types; either peal and seal or ungummed.

So, no matter what size cello bags you require or how you desire to have your cards displayed in store, we have it covered. Whatís more is that you can be assured of quality too. As mentioned earlier; cello bags are required so that your cards and envelopes do not end up damaged. This is why we only offer the best of the best. We arenít like other companies. We wonít cut corners on quality by offering a low quality material. Instead we use 30 microns thick OPP (oriented polypropylene) material. You can be certain that they wonít rip and that your products will be protected.

Nevertheless, whilst we may offer huge amounts of quality we certainly donít charge huge amounts for our cello bags. We recognise the importance of keeping our costs low, especially in this tough economic climate. Thus we have worked hard to bring you the best deals possible. This is why we offer discounts for individuals buying in bulk as well as the possibility to purchase a cello bag for a mere penny. Thatís right; prices start from 1p! Our delivery charges arenít expensive either. 1st Class Royal Mail delivery is charged at a fixed rate of L2.50. We donít up the rate based on how much you purchase, unlike others. If you would prefer Courier Signed For Mail then this will cost L4.95.

Donít let your hard work go to waste. Keep your products protected and ensure they look professional when they are displayed in store with our fantastic range of high quality cello bags.

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