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Cardboard CD sleeves bulk – Huge selection of CD packaging products! Massive savings for those who purchase in bulk!

Are you looking for CD envelopes and packaging products? Perhaps you wish to display CDs in your store? Or, do you need a high quality and attractive method of sending your products to your customers? No matter what your reason for purchase may be, we have the perfect solution for you here at World of Envelopes. We have a massive selection of CD packaging products for you to choose from. Moreover, you have the potential to unlock our cardboard CD sleeves bulk discount. If you buy in large quantities you can expect gigantic savings to come your way! When you need Cardboard and Postal Boxes or the best Envelopes we can help.

We have worked really hard to ensure that each and every person who enters our website leaves with the product they came for. We are very confident you will find what you need in our CD packaging range. All you need to do is head to our selection of CD envelopes and packaging products to see the enormous choice we have available. You can choose between many different materials. You will find everything from paper, to foil, to card, to padded packaging products. You have the option of both window and non-window envelopes. We even have mini CD packaging items available. What colour are you looking for? From red, to green, to black, to pink, to gold, to even holographic – we have them all.

The good news definitely does not end once you have found the product you were looking for. After this, you will then be presented with the opportunity to make massive savings. Our cardboard CD sleeves bulk discount is offered on practically all of our products. This discount rewards anyone who purchases in large quantities. It is simple; the more you buy, the more you will save. This cardboard CD sleeves bulk discount presents you with the chance to make savings of 40 percent, 50 percent, 60 percent and even more. We don’t do things by halves at World of Envelopes.

Cardboard CD sleeves bulk

So what will it be? Are you going to go for a bright blue paper CD sleeve? Or do you prefer the metallic padded options? No matter what type of CD packaging product you select, we are certain you will be more than happy with the products you receive – especially when you look at your invoice and see the enormous savings you have made thanks to the cardboard CD sleeves bulk discount! However, if you have any questions, please get in touch! You can give World of Envelopes a call on 01628 810 000 or you can email us at We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible.

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