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C7 Envelope – What Is It?

C7 envelope is not the most well-known type of envelope. When most of us here the word envelope we think of A4 or DL envelopes. Many people are not even aware of the C7 envelope. Like the C4 and C5, C7 envelopes take their name from the largest sheet of paper they can accommodate without folding, which in this case is the A7. A7 paper is 74 mm by 105 mm and as such is not the most common type of paper. When we need paper we will generally reach for a pad of A4, or possibly a batch of A5 if we are intending upon doing some correspondence. A7 has its place however. For example, if you are looking to send little invitations or perhaps a thank you note, it is perfect. It leaves you enough room to say what is necessary without making you feel obligated to fill more white space. When you need Envelope or the best Envelopes we can help.

An A7 envelope will be just the thing you need if you have something to send on A7 paper. Any bigger envelope and the cute little notelet will look like nothing more than a fragment, even if you have chosen an attractive sheet. The best example would be if you are sending invitations through the post, for example for a birthday party, wedding or anniversary. You may be getting these professionally printed or designing them yourself, but either way you will need to be stuffing those envelopes yourself. However, C7 envelopes are simply not as popular as A4 or A5 and can be hard to find, especially in bulk, and if the invitations are for something special, you may want to step beyond the everyday white envelope towards something more distinctive. Fortunately, World of Envelopes are here to help.

Find Your Perfect Little Envelope

If you are venturing into the A7 envelope for the first time, World of Envelopes will be perfectly placed to assist you. The C7 envelope is 82 mm by 113 mm and by simply putting these dimensions into our Product Finder (Flap is 82 mm and Non Flap is 113 mm) you can easily see all the envelopes we have available. The sheer choice will overwhelm you. It’s not only colours that we have available, although there are plenty of those. The look of the envelope can be decided by you, from matte to mirror to pearlescent. You can choose between block colour, coloured linings and patterns, and if you are planning a wedding, you will be interested to learn that there are a number of wedding motifs available. There is also the option of texture. You will certainly find more than one option you like. If anything you are spoilt for choice!

If you are really struggling to choose from the options available – and this is not an uncommon occurrence – why not consider ordering a free swatch? You will only need to pay the cost of postage, and then you can settle down on your couch to really examine the options that we have and decide which is best for you. This allows you to view all the choices right in front of you rather than through your computer, where colours and style might become distorted. You don’t even need to restrict yourself to one variety of A7 envelope if you really can’t make a decision! It is possible to select a number of options, although you may want to make sure that they are coordinating. In addition, if you are ordering over 50 envelopes, don’t forget to visit the Discounts page to see if you can benefit from one of our amazing bulk order deals.

World of Envelopes are one of the top envelope distributors in the country, but we don’t just restrict ourselves to the UK. In addition to the many and varied delivery options we have available within these shores, we also provide international delivery. We even have multi-lingual operatives so that our international clients can discuss their requirements. Returning to delivery within the UK, we have a number of options available, from regular Royal Mail to same day courier delivery. You can even track your order online and be confident that you know exactly where it is at any one time. Our service is fast and efficient and our ranges are second to none. If you are looking for either a C7 envelope or anything in the envelope industry, why not browse our selection today? We are certain we will have what you need.

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