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C6 envelope size – World of Envelopes has the best selection of high quality envelopes for you to choose from

Finding the right envelope or packaging for your document, product, letter, card or whatever else you are posting, can be a challenge. This is especially in relation to finding the perfect size. If your item is not of a typical A4 or A5 size then it can either be a case of a tight squeeze or an envelope which is ridiculously large. Who knew an envelope could cause so many problems? When you need C6 Envelope and Envelope or the best Envelopes we can help.

Well, those problems are eradicated at World of Envelopes. If you are looking to purchase a small item then we have the ideal solution with our range of products in a C6 envelope size. A C6 envelope size translates to 114 mm x 162 mm. To put this into perspective, C6 is the equivalent of an A5 piece of paper folded once or an A4 piece of paper folded twice. This should allow you to envisage how small this product size is.

So, whether you are looking to post a keyring, a small greeting card, a wedding invitation, a piece of jewellery, or anything else thatís little; we have it covered with over 260 C6 sized products to choose from. We have an extensive selection of envelopes. These differ based on colour, seal, texture, window or no window, and much more. From standard brown envelopes to exciting Halloween themed envelopes; all instances are covered. Aside from this we have a great selection of pillow boxes. From sumptuous silver to bold blue; you can send jewellery, gifts and alike in style. From invitations, to online orders, to seasonís greetings; our C6 products cover it all.

Start browsing our site today to see the array of different options we have available. If you canít find the product you are looking for then simply drop us a line at or give us a call on 01628 810 000. Please note our office hours are as follows; 8.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday Ė Friday.

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