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Bubble Envelopes - Our Featherpost bubble envelopes offer the most cost effective way to protect your post! their products

There is nothing worse than receiving mail only to discover that the product or letter inside has been compromised. This is because individuals have not taken the effort to ensure they seek a protective form of packaging. This allows anything from the weather to heavy handed sorting offices to compromise the packaging. However, you donít have to worry about this ever happening again if you go for one of our Featherpost bubble envelopes. These have been designed in order to ensure that your letter or product receives the highest level of protection possible without adding weight to the envelope. Not only this, but when it comes to padded envelopes, these are the cheapest you will find! When you need Bubble Bags and Postal Boxes or the best Envelopes we can help.

So what is it about the Featherpost bubble envelopes that makes them the best of the best? Well, firstly they are crafted from a top quality Kraft paper outer. This ensures that the possibility of the material ripping or tearing is minimised dramatically. This is then coupled with the leading Sancell protective bubble firm cushioning. This component guarantees your product will arrive to your customer or recipient in the condition it was originally packed in. In addition to this you have the strong self-seal strip which assures you of maximum security. And letís not ignore the lightweight quality either! Most padded and protective envelopes add a significant amount of weight to the packaging and thus postage costs rise quite dramatically. You wonít experience this with Featherpost bubble envelopes. The lightweight construction ensures that postage costs are reduced as much as possible. What other type of bubble envelope offers as much quality as this?

Never experience complaints of a damaged letter or product ever again. Purchase our Featherpost bubble envelopes for protection at minimal costs. It doesnít get much better than this! Nonetheless, if you have any queries or would like further information regarding the other protective postal products we have available, then get in touch. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have; no matter how big or small. You can call our sales support line on the following number; 01628 810 000. Please note this number is only usable from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.30 pm. Alternatively, you can email us at

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