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Book Box - Sending Your Books Securely

Book box is undoubtedly an essential item when you are posting books or magazines, and we all know how problematic it can be to send a book through the post. Finding suitable packaging is certainly a challenge. Books are bulky items and often weigh quite a lot too, which can significantly increase the cost of postage. An effective alternative, therefore, to the standard jiffy envelope or plastic postal bags, is the book box. These useful boxes are not only effective solutions for posting your books but also for storing them safely too. If you are a bookstore owner and you sell your products online, you need to ensure that you can send your items to customers in a professional way while keeping costs down. The cardboard box products that we provide at World of Envelopes are of the highest quality and are available in a range of different sizes and colours.

Cardboard book boxes for postage purposes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses so it is important that you do your research to find out which is the best one for you. If you are sending heavy hard backed books then a higher quality book box will be required than if you are sending thin, paperback books. Boxes can be made from a broad range of different materials which affect their strength and subsequently some of these can be of inferior quality and not carry your product as safely as you would like. The most common material used in cardboard boxes include solid fibreboard or chipboard and some are even made out of straw. The stronger cardboard material is made from fluted paper which is compressed between two layers which provides greater strength and is ideal for use in boxes used to carry books particularly those which are quite weighty.

Sending Books With Effective Packaging Materials

One of the most important things to consider when looking for suitable book boxes is the dimension. They need to be of the correct size to neatly store your book and invoice to the client. If the box is too big, the book will often slide around which can damage the fragile pages or corners of the book. Too tight, and the book may be squashed and can tear the outer packaging, particularly if it is a hard back version. We supply boxes in two main colours; standard white and manila, so depending on your preference, you can choose either as they are both constructed from the same quality materials. As well as working well as a book box for sending items through the post, these items are also effective stationery pieces to store documents for archiving purposes, or prevent old books from being damaged.

In addition, book boxes make an ideal solution for postal packaging primarily because of their versatility and ability to be recycled makes them suitable for delivering a broad range of items. The boxes are simple to assemble, strong and are ideal for sending product samples, textiles, small items, DVDs, CDs and of course books. All boxes are extensively tested prior to being marketed to ensure that they transport your products safely and securely to the required destination. What’s more, the boxes are also available in a range of seals allowing your customers to easily access products inside. It is really important that you pack your boxes carefully to mitigate any damage during transit. Add extra padding or filling materials to protect fragile products or provide additional cushioning for deliveries with multiple products. Regardless of your postage requirement, we have a suitable solution from our extensive range of boxes and envelopes.

If you are looking for practical and effective boxes to send book orders to your customers, World of Envelopes are the business to trust. We have a huge selection of boxes suitable for any size or depth of book. Not only do we provide boxes for the post, we also supply a range of archival standard boxes to store books at your home or workplace. What’s more, our prices are extremely affordable so you will receive quality products at very reasonable prices – ideal if you are buying in bulk or looking for multiple book boxes to send gifts to friends or family. We have many options available and we guarantee that you will find something suitable to fit your requirements perfectly. Call us at World of Envelopes and speak to one of our friendly sales team, or visit our website and browse through our extensive range of quality book box solutions.

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