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Anti Static Bubble Bags - Great For Your Shipping Needs

Anti static bubble bags are vital for sending electronic components – such as network cards – as they might suffer damage caused by electrostatic discharge. A valuable item can be packaged inside a metallised film bag and then put into a polyethylene bubble wrap bag, which can finally be packed in a secure black polyethylene box lined with poly foam. If you're a packaging buyer for an electronics company then you are going to want to ensure that each of these forms of packaging is readily available in suitable volumes. Given the worth of these quality parts, ensuring that they are shipped to ensure product integrity, together with staying safe, is a top priority. When they arrive, it is also crucial that boxes are opened at a static free workstation. Given how significant anti static packaging is, it is vital to source the right solution for your requirements.

Find The Best Bubble Bags - Perfect For Every Use

Anti static poly bags, in addition to other packaging such as bubble bags or cellophane bags, come in all shapes and sizes. As well as off the shelf options, it is possible to have them customised to suit your company’s needs. It is important to give special focus to the materials used with any anti static bag and to suitably match it to the appropriate electronic device, otherwise it may not perform the way you expect it to. Metallised shielding bags, for instance, are usually silver in colour and are needed to hold electrostatic sensitive parts. It's important not to crease these bags as this may damage the integrity of the metallised shield. Pink on the other hand are made this way as a result of the substances used in production and are useful for non static sensitive parts like paper or even metal items.

Given the potentially technical aspects of these bags, it's important to get the finest provider who completely understands your needs. There are a number of businesses offering anti static bags for sale, yet the range and pricing from World of Envelopes is enormously competitive. Our specialist buyers have sourced the finest products from the finest producers to satisfy your needs. From cellophane bags to bubble wrap bags we have found the best manufacturers on the market. And if you're looking to purchase in volume, we can offer reductions too. Our bags begin at only a few pence each which, considering how significant they are for your products’ security, is a real bargain. All of our range is made to the highest quality which means that you receive an industry leading product as standard. We value all our customers and have developed long term relationships with a high proportion of them.

We're pleased to say that through Trustpilot, an individually rated feedback system, our customers have awarded us the greatest score possible - a maximum of 5 stars. This reflects customer comments received and takes into account our product range, customer care and transportation service. Please read our testimonials page and we hope that you will like what our customers have to say! We wish to provide maximum choice and flexibility and because of this we are pleased to offer a wide selection of delivery alternatives both within Great Britain and across the globe. Beginning at just GBP2.50 for goods weighing up to 500 grams, this is extremely price competitive and will ensure that you receive your order in the most cost efficient manner. For times when you require your clear cellophane bags the next day we're happy to offer a courier and next day delivery service, which you are able to follow online.

Our website is user-friendly and straightforward to browse. It's been designed to satisfy your every need. Use the product finder tool on the home page to immediately find your favourite merchandise. If you can’t quite make up your mind then please use our free swatch service, letting you see samples of our products prior to making a purchase. From our many happy customers we know how valuable this is and can help to answer questions about quality and colour options. This is something that very few firms supply without making a charge and the swatches we despatch are generous in size. In the event that an item you want is out of stock, we can either help you to choose a different option or keep you up to date on availability. Call us now on 01628 810000 to find the greatest variety of anti static bubble bags in the country.

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