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A6 Envelope - Supreme Quality And Low Prices Guaranteed

A6 envelope is an incredibly popular size, despite the fact that A6 paper is not used very often. Although the A6 envelope, known more correctly as the C6 envelope, is the correct size for a sheet of A6 paper, they are actually used more commonly for sheets of A5 paper folded in half or sheets of A4 folded into quarters. The measurement for a C6 envelope is 114 mm by 162 mm and they are perfect for not only folded sheets of paper, but also greetings cards. This is really good news for those of you that are sending a large batch of cards, or more pertinently for those of you that are setting themselves up in the greeting cards business, whether you are making them or retailing them. But how can you be confident that you are purchasing the correct envelopes for your purposes? When you need Envelope or the best Envelopes we can help.

Once you start looking into the different types of envelope sizes and types available, you may find yourself speechless with the amount of choice available. Whether you are choosing envelopes for your own use or for your business, there is a lot to take into account. Once you have decided on your envelope sizes, there are the sealing options to take into account, whether you require windows and, of course, the colour. The colour is a whole other minefield. Once you have selected a shade, there is texturing, finish and even the lining to contemplate. Then there is protection for the contents of the envelope, whether because it is delicate or valuable. And you thought it would be simple to select your envelopes! Fortunately for you, and the countless other people out there venturing into envelopes for the first time, World of Envelopes are here to help.

Finding The Envelope For You

If you are a greetings card designer or retailer (or perhaps both!) you will know that the envelope can really set off your card to great effect. It is the perfect finishing touch! As such, the range available from World of Envelopes will be absolutely perfect for you. The envelopes are beautifully designed and some are even textured! You can choose from an amazing range of colours, and don’t be concerned that you will have to choose between colour and texture because you won’t. There are any number of colours available in multiple ranges of envelopes, including textured, metallic, pearlescent and matte. There are also designs on a number of envelopes, including some particularly attractive ones that would make the perfect match for a wedding card. And don’t forget about linings! It is possible to create a nice effect by choosing a card that has a different colour inside than outside.

Whether your specifications lie in colour, size or sealing option, we have a number of things for you to consider. Here at World of Envelopes we are proud to have the ability to meet all and any envelope needs, and maybe even to give you choices that you didn’t know you had. We are one of the top distributors in the UK, and we also cater for overseas clients as well. Our service is fast and efficient and we have a range of options in all fields. Customer service is extremely important to us. We understand that all people and businesses have individual requirements and we are keen to ensure that we can meet them. For example, if you are interested in an A6 envelope but are not sure what design will be best, we have the option for you to buy just one envelope so that you can be sure you are happy before full purchase.

If you are a retailer or designer and you are buying in bulk, you will be delighted to learn that we have a few discounts available for these customers. In most cases, if you purchase over 50 envelopes you will get a 10% discount, and if you purchase over 5,000 there is a discount of over 50% available. This is quite a significant saving, particularly for those who are in business and trying to budget appropriately. There are a number of delivery options available, ranging from Royal Mail 1st class post to courier delivery either same day or next day. Whether you are looking for an A6 envelope, a selection of A4 envelopes or even to have envelopes printed for your business, we are confident we can help you. Please browse our selection now, and don’t hesitate to telephone our experienced team should you require any assistance.

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