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A2 Envelope - The Giant Envelope

A2 envelope is one of the less common envelope sizes. In fact, most people don’t even know it exists. The envelope knowledge of many of us extends from C4 all the way through to C5, but in fact envelope sizes range from the gigantic C0, at 917 mm by 1297 mm to the teeny C10 at 28 mm by 40 mm. A2, as you might have predicted, is at the larger end of the spectrum, coming in at 444 mm by 625 mm. As many of us never use a piece of paper larger than A3, much less need to post it, you may not even have been aware there was an A2 in existence in paper sizes, let alone in envelopes! As it is not the most common of envelopes there is not the range of options that you might get with an A4 or an A5 envelope, but it is still possible to get hold of them. When you need Envelope or the best Envelopes we can help.

Find The Envelope You Need

If you need an A2 envelope, you will be delighted to hear that World of Envelopes can help you. In fact World of Envelopes can help regardless of what sort of envelope you require. We cater to personal and business orders and we have tried to anticipate every possible envelope need. Most of our business orders are for standard envelopes such as A4 or A5 in white or brown, but while we understand that this forms the bulk of most of your envelope needs, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have to offer. If you are only after general commercial envelopes, have you considered getting your envelopes printed? Whether you choose to have your company logo or your business name and address, this is a service we can provide for you. You may also like to consider some of our more flamboyant offerings for some additional business ventures.

White and brown envelopes are all very well for day to day business as usual mailings, but what about when you are hosting a PR event, or perhaps trying to get some new clients on board? If you have put together invitations for an event, you will usually have spent a significant amount of time on the design and it would be a shame to undermine that with the wrong envelope. It probably isn’t something you have considered before but it really is important to use everything at your disposal to make the right impression, yes, even the envelope! We’ve already mentioned printed envelopes, but there are also envelopes available of every conceivable colour. You can also choose various types of finish, from mirrored to metallic to pearlescent, and then there are the textures, the most common two being brocade and rose.

Depending on your business, you may also be interested in the options we have for parcel containers and security. If you are sending something a little more bulky, and perhaps more fragile, than a piece of paper, then we have a number of options for you. There are bubble bags, pillow boxes and even cartons for the larger parcels. In terms of security, depending on what you are sending you may be interested in our Tear Resistant options. Not only are these resistant to tearing, as the name suggests, but they are also waterproof. We also have Anti-Static Bags which are perfect for the transportation of computer components as they protect from the threat of electrostatic damage. These come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the ones most useful for you.

Here at World of Envelopes we are incredibly proud to be one of the top distributors of envelopes in the UK. We don’t only cater for those in the UK however, we also have international delivery options and multi-lingual members of staff so that we can fully cater to our overseas clients. All our delivery options are extremely competitive and wide-ranging. We can simply send items via Royal Mail should you wish, but alternatively we have courier options which may be just what you need, particularly if you are looking for same day delivery. We really do think of everything. As such, we do not think that you will find a better company to sell you your envelopes. Whether you are considering an A2 envelope, brown or white window commercial envelopes for your everyday needs or something more dramatic, we are certain we can help. Why not browse our selection today?

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